Friday, October 19, 2007


Do you here that...that's the sound of quiet. No saws buzzing, no plumbers crack..(which has its own sound of me gaging every time I see it), the major part of the reno is done...

I stayed in bed past 6, had two leisurely cups of java and read the paper. Now I must get moving putting the big stuff back in place. I will paint later. I just need to get my house back in place....find some sort of order. I am loving the so far finished results. There is still the main bath to redo...the new tile will have to be ripped up and replaced by my new tile man, baseboards, doors to hang...but I have such a sense of peace this morning. I don't think I clenched my jaw once last night. I will not think about the big job ahead...just one thing at a time...but I finally feel at home again.

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BaldyLocks said...

I can't believe I suggested you come help me with my studio! Like you don't have enough to do!

I just can't help knowing that you are brilliant at such things. Your house will look amazing in no time.

Mine will continue to look like monkeys live here (oh, right, they do).