Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting on the Britney Bandwagon

Okay I am not going to pretend that I am a gossip columnist or a celebrity know it all...but I have to put my 2 cents in...that girl is sadly miss informed. She feels that as long as she is in the news she won't be forgotten or a has been. She has soooooooooo gone the other way that now no one will remember her for her music anymore........She will always be know for her foolish erratic behavior, being labeled a bad mother, a suspected druggie and a girl who has had a mental break down and fired all her employees. I have seen all kinds of articles how shes done this and done that and no one says...the most obvious ...Hello, Postpartum Depression. That girl has had 2 babies in less the 2 years...that would screw up any ones head....let alone anyone that has had everything done for her. I have spent some time in the heady business of the celebrity world I have seen first hand how its so superficial and everyone kisses your cheek but really want to scratch your eyes out. I have seen how quick people get swallowed up and start to believe this unreal world. They only see the world on how they are viewed and believe it all to be true. I witnessed just how insecure these people become and feel that they are not alive unless they are surrounded by the fake. They can't deal with the real...and lets face it...babies are very real.

That girl needs to take her 2 babies and go home to her mother. Get away from the flash bulbs and fake people and surround her self with real. Real home cooking, people that really love her and want to see her well...not to see what she can do for them. Those boys need a mother and someone who is consistent. She needs to walk away from the superficial...except that your a mother. Your actions affect these 2 lives now. Your no longer a pop princess...those days are over. Get balance in your life and get new priorities. Take some time for you and your family

Your still young, you still have time. Once you got your head on right...make a come back Do what you have to do. Only come back on the terms of something new. Stop singing the same tired songs.The little girl is done. You are a women now, don't disgrace the title. Take a hold of yourself, have some pride and for god sake put some clothes on!

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BaldyLocks said...

I agree. Leave Britney Alone! Sorry, I couldn't resist.