Monday, October 15, 2007


My friend told me it was National Grouch appropriate. I am now officially a grouch. I had a very busy weekend. I managed to get 2 bedrooms back to what resembles a place to sleep, moved big piece of furniture back into the house and located missing under ware..(long story) I even took time yesterday to leave this mess and do a little retail therapy...ran errands, bought stuff for my son and ran over to Pier 1 for something homey..I have had it up to my eyebrows with sweaty dirty workers traipsing in and out and felt like decorating I bought something smelly and I love it. Its called Island Orchard and living on an island it had just the right smell for me. I replaced the vase that got smashed with this lovely fish bowl candle holder and my house smells so yummy now. I spent about 10 minutes walking around Pier 1 with my sniffer in the air trying to locate that exact smell...was pretty funny to see I am sure.

Anyways this morning I woke up with a renewed sense of energy. I felt today was completion day and that soon I would have everything back to normal or close to it. Never assume only makes an ass of me and you. No floor guy, no tile guy, no stair nosing. The floor guy is at a stand still because the stair nosing has vanished, both parties claim the other guy has it. I now feel my poor little innocent stair nosing has become some part of a sinister cult and is under their spell..never to return. Around 11:30 my contractor comes to face the firing squad(me)..he can tell by my demeanor that I am seriously pissed. He said he could have phoned but thought that was chicken..duh...I now have stair nosing's out of town cousin flying in from Edmonton and he has gladly given up his freedom to lay about in my house. I have been promised the tile will be done by Wed.....I told him I no longer believe it but will hold out hope.....I am fed up and no longer feel like its good it's grouch day..

here is my yummy new candle
I am convinced this toilet in the middle of my room will become permanent with all the issues I have had with these tile. I may have to decorate...perhaps I should use it as a lamp stand...maybe Martha will do a show around it.
P.S. I f you trip over a strung out and zombie like piece if stair nosing please contact me..I still worry about the little fellow.

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BaldyLocks said...

I think you could whip that toilet up into something nice. Maybe a tea cozy, or a lawn ornament?

Happy* I mean Crappy Grouch Day!