Friday, October 12, 2007

A Nice Hot Bath

I can't wait.... I have a new tile man...the old was kicked to the curb(not by me) I let my contractor play good cop, bad cop. This man is new to Canada, doesn't say much, just smiles. I am sure he thinks I am one big wing nut. Being a Canadian, we are big on gestures and I talk with my hands. The sad news is the other fellow left a slight mess for this guy to clean up. Nice welcome for your first day on the job. He has to repair the mess, rip up some of the new tile and finish the job. He may be here awhile.

I am slowly starting to see the end in site. My other floors look great...of whats finished. It seems my stair nosing has been lost by the courier company now. I think the floor gods are against me on this job. To calm my mind.. I have told myself that my stair nosing is taking a little trip. It took it upon itself to explore this island and see what there is to see. It figured while its not opposed to laying around in my living room for the next 20 first wants to see what this world has to offer. I know it won't belong before it finds its way to my home with its tail between its legs, needing comfort from this big scary world. Being so sheltered in the warehouse; stair nosing will welcome the safety and freedom only my home can offer it. A place where it will be placed in honor and free to lay about. Until then I wait for some form of correspondence...perhaps a small postcard would be nice.

Isn't it amazing what you can convince I am not on drugs. I just have a vivid and some what whacked imagination.

I can't wait for the end of the day, when my work crew leaves and I finally have my house...whats left of it to myself. That's when I can relax, pour a glass of wine and slip into a hot bath....and spend an evening with Mr Bubble.


BaldyLocks said...

So you're NOT on drugs. What are you trying to say? I swear none of the birds ate mine...really.

BaldyLocks said...

Yay! I like your comment best so far. I hope your floors are going well?