Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Dogs Anxiety

My dog is having a hard time. He has not taking things in stride. The re no, all the furniture moving, all the strangers in and out and then the dreaded hair cut.

I took my dog to a groomer, which isn't normal for him. I always bath and clip him, perhaps thats why he always looks like an unmade bed. I thought with all the chaos and drywall dust and concrete going on, it would just help out and he would get a real good cleaning. I thought he would feel just so happy when he came home....I thought wrong. Hes been miserable for days, shivering and shaking. He got razor burn and hes running a little fever. He only perks up when the carrots(he adores baby carrots) come out and when I am eating something and he is begging off me. Even after the razor burn has healed, he still is super distraught. He just wants to sleep in my arms and mope about. I also know he can play me...he's been know to play victim He is so embarrassed by his short hair. I have tried dressing him up to ease his pain....


This is his Captain Jack Mambo look.


BaldyLocks said...

Poor Mambo! Thank goodness he has all those outfits for his bad days.

Anonymous said...

Love the look! I wish my cats would let me dress them up, but they're snobby and elitist. And they have claws.