Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Just Want To Escape..

I want to disappear...this is a reno from hell...more men today some cute..some not. I don't care how friendly they are in the mornings...their charming little smiles..I just want to tell them all to F@*# Off...

I long for the day when my house is back to normal, I can get up and start my day. Tap into Etsy forums with coffee in hand and prepare for my day. I can paint again..I haven't seen my brushes for days...I recently found the missing under ware..but even that holds no joy. I can't wait to slip off and run my errands after a morning painting and listening to anything with out the sound of a saw drowning it out. I can slip down to the local Starbucks and catch up on the local gossip..who's cheating with who, who's applying for what job..who's wife recently found her husbands secret stash of ladies clothing...oh yes we live in a wild little town..

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BaldyLocks said...

It sounds a lot more interesting than here. I only have students at my Starbucks.

I hope the crazy floor men hurry up and leave you in peace. How much floor drama can one person take?

At least it makes for an interesting blog.