Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Absent Poster

Hi there..I havn't been around alot. Lifes been pretty crazy. I am painting walls and trying to catch up on all the work I am behind in. I did just finish a few little tables and will post the odd thing for clients. I am leaving again for a few weeks..off to soak in the cultures of Europe and come back even more inspired. I have had a huge year..we finally finished the big court case and the house reno's are all done, my best friend was in a horrible car accident. She is slowly on the mend and I finally feel free to just go out and enjoy life again. It's been along 5 years but it's in the past now. It's finally time for me to go off and have an adventure....wonder what kind of trouble I can still get in to. Here just a few photos of clients pieces

Mirror and Shelf..Avenue Champs Elysees

Hall Table Front and Side Views

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