Friday, April 13, 2007

Where Do I Start

Lets be honest unless you know me...who gives a rats ass what I have to say. I could lie and tell you all about my glamorous life....How everything is my world is pink and sparkly and frosted with strawberry flavored lip gloss. But its not!

Somedays my purse does not match my shoes and my tiarra could definatly use a good cleaning. Yes my olives are past their expiration date and my rim is not always salted.... My pink nail polish called "Bubble Gum Perfect" is chipped, and has turned slightly tangerine from age. I maybe wearing last years fashions and they may seem like they've shrunk and just don't hang right, but that means there is just more of me to love...I still can say I have all my own diamonds even if they have tarnished with age.

My villa could use a good dust bunnies have grown in numbers and have now formed a colony. I don't let this get me thought is, I am never the first to leave a good party so why should they!

I can't help it if the people at Mastercard always feel the need to reach out and touch me...they shouldn't send me a card if they don't want me to use it. It cost a lot to look this put together...Besides I am more of a Pro then a Con kind of girl. I can always find a good reason for buying something. I look at it this way...all those products need a good home and I am providing a much needed service.

Worry gives you frown lines, so I don't think about the bills....besides I have discovered how to make lovely oragami cranes out of them...I have a whole flock now.

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Momma_Sledge said...

Is that a self portrait? You are such a sassy b***h !!